Case Study: Implementing Workline for a leading financial institution

We helped one of India’s leading financial institutions transition to a new style of working.

We helped one of India’s leading financial institutions transition to a new style of working. Faced with nimbler competition and looking to overhaul their legacy HR systems, their requirement led to one of the most customized Workline implementations.

The Challenges:

Before they began using Workline the client had a fragmented approach to HR. There were five entities involved in managing their HR department, Service Delivery, Software, Payroll Software, Admin related Service Delivery, Claims management. These SLA based services made the entire process of HR bureaucratic and disjointed. The key challenges they faced were:

  1. Multiple vendors and platforms for HR functions causing communication problemts
  2. A transactional approach where each HR function worked independently of the other. The lack of cohesion meant organization wide policies and procedures could not be implemented
  3. Their previous system relied heavily on paper inputs which led to errors and omissions
  4. Periodic reports meant that the management never had up-to-date, real time data to work with

A simple diagram, as shown below shows the dissonance between high-level planning and its implementation by the HR department.


Our implementation:

Workline’s first action was to understand how uniquely each HR component was utilized by the company. We helped them get their business planning and HR policies in sync in the context of company-wide technical adaptation and then proposed a configuration custom built for them.

At the end of our implementation, the client had a tool that was modern, easy to use and solved a number of business problems.

  1. Integrated all HR policies, procedures and systems into one dashbaord allowing for greater efficacy
  2. Allowed seamless integration with their ERP and other software
  3. Did away with multiple entities and interfaces
  4. Centralized data and made it available through a seamless dashboard
  5. Gave on-demand real-time reporting to speed up decision making
  6. Took the entire system online, accessible across the web and mobile


Our team worked closely with the client to create a system that could be used right away. We continue to assist them as part of our long-term engagement.